Happy New Year, eh?
It wasn’t so bad, really. Getting out of here and going out of town was the best choice. Looking all over the placed where we could possibly move to was very encouraging and liberating. I can’t wait for time to pass so I can finally make the move and be done with this chapter in my life!
Is it too cruel to just leave with no trace? Just recreate my whole life and not take any friendships or family and just start all over? I want to reinvent my life. I want nothing of the old to remind me of how far I’ve come and whatever I will leave behind. Completely from scratch. Where if I fail again, this time it will be completely my fault. Come to think of it, I have to take responsibility for all my actions and I do. Really. But this time, when I move, this air I breathe won’t remind me of my mistakes. I need new roads, new challenges, new faces. New lips, new caresses. Away, far away from here.